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"Wake up every morning and tell yourself that you’re a badass bitch from hell and that no one can fuck with you and then don’t let anybody fuck with you."

Kate Nash’s advice to college students  (via einhorny)

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"I promise to love you:

at 6am when you’re waking to go to work, to school, or whatever road life takes you on, and when you didn’t sleep well, your hair is a mess, and your eyes are sleepy.

at 8am when we say goodbye for the day and you’re rushing out the door with a cup of tea and your car keys in the other hand.

at 5pm when you’re exhausted from the day and people have worn you out and you feel like crying, and falling asleep and escaping from everything. I will kiss your forehead, and wrap myself in your arms.

at 10pm when you’re heading to bed, even though you won’t sleep for hours. Especially when we become a human knot wrapped up in sheets and kisses.

at 3am when loneliness and sadness do not destroy you, but consume you and when you weep without an explanation, I’ll kiss your lips softly and tell you you’re the absolute best and that things will be better soon

I will love you when you grow old, and I will love you after that. I will love you if I’m no longer here. I will love you, I will love you, and I will love you."

I Promise To Love You Forever (via jewist)

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1. If you don’t like the way he kisses you, you won’t like the way he fucks you. Get up and leave.

2. If he won’t go down on you, but expects you to go down on him, laugh. Get up and leave.

3. If you don’t want to do something and he doesn’t respect that, slap him round the face. Get up and leave.

4. If he isn’t okay with the imperfections on your skin, if he says they turn him off, get up and leave.

5. If you don’t want to shave your legs and he thinks that’s disgusting and refuses to touch them, get up and leave.

6. If he doesn’t see your body as a masterpiece, as a complete work of art, get up and leave.

7. If he makes you feel uncomfortable about any part of your body, get up and leave.


Get up and leave // E.E (via be-fearless-brave-and-kind)

Love this so much

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destroy the idea that clothing has gender

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If I text you back fast its not because Im thirsty its because my phone was in my hand at the time. The waiting to text people back on purpose shit is childish

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Virgin shaming and slut shaming piss me off in equal amounts. There’s nothing magical or special about being a virgin, and same goes with having sex. You know what’s magical? Shutting the fuck up about people’s personal choices. 

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back when disney channel actually taught real life morals and did a good job of it

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